At myAPPetite we are always looking at ways to improve our customer service. After months of research we are pleased to announce, as of Monday 18 October, we are launching our new ticketing system. This means any support issues will need to be raised via our new ticketing system.

Why are we changing how we are offering support?

By moving over to a ticketing system we had one thing on our mind: Our customers.

As we are continuing to grow, our support team and queries have grown too and in order to make sure all our support queries are dealt with in an effective and timely manner, going down a ticking system had too many positive outcomes for our customers, we couldn’t ignore them.

Why are we changing how we are offering support?
  • All queries are recorded
  • All queries are dated and issued with a priority, so we will be able to determine which support issue needs to be dealt with more efficiently, so your high priority query will be dealt with a lot quicker
  • Personal details, such as your personal numbers and details of employees don’t nesscarily have to be shared as we will no longer be supporting in Whatsapp groups
  • Easier to report an issue. By reporting your issue on your EPOS system you can report the issue right there and then
  • Issues go straight to an engineer
  • You’ll be able to see progress of your query
  • Replies will be sent out throughout the stages of your query keeping you updated and informed
We are always here to help our customers

As with any business we have to adapt to our customer needs and we are excitied at launching this new service as we know it will help offer you a more focused and speedier level of support. We have created an easy to follow quide on how to rasie your support query. If you find it difficult to type on your touchscreen, don’t worry, we’ll happily send you a smart rubber keyboard, if you prefer to type on one of these.

How to raise an issue:

Simply click the button below to download our easy to follow guide on how to raise a technical support issue…