Which industries does myAPPetite work with

myAPPetite specialises in helping businesses in the hospitality industry – anything from a traditional pub to a fancy cocktail bar, a small independent restaurant to a large chain of restaurants, a fish and chip shop, Chinese or Indian takeaway, pizza joint to a local café. However, we also work with convenience stores, butchers, theatres, stadiums, theme parks, the list goes on!

Pubs Bars Clubs

If you are looking to increase your revenue while at the same time improve your customer service, then get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

We appreciate that no two venues are the same, however, our years of experience has taught us that what works well for one industry may also work well for another in a completely different field. We have seen how our products and services have benefited businesses in many different industries and how our technologies have been best utilised within those industries to streamline their operations.

We not only offer our core, Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, but we also have numerous individual packages that you can pick and choose from to help you complete your 360° solution.

Whichever package or packages you decide to use, we offer simple fixed monthly pricing so you will always know how much you are spending. And don’t forget, the majority of our packages have…

No Contract

No Set-up Fees*

No Commission

No Hidden Costs

Please get in touch to find out more.

*Please note: Our Kitchen Video package requires a one-off payment for the hardware and our Caller ID packages require an upfront payment for the service. Get in touch for details.