Social Media Management

Boost your sales with fun, engaging social media posts...

Social media can be a real burden for some businesses. Not only do you rarly have time to post, but what type of content shall you post? Fear not, this is where we can help!

All businesses are different, and so are our clients, this is why we tailor this package bespoke to you. The posts we post should reflect not only your identity but your personality. This can range from being ‘tongue in cheek’ to being conservative. This is why our Social Media Executive’s will call you once a month to discuss if there’s anything specific you want to post, such as content or any promotions.

We’ll not only post on your social media channels, but we’ll take the time to build up your following so we can target a greater audience. We do this by taking the time to research relevant hashtags that are relevant to your business and also comment on certain posts as your business. We’ll also research relevant local community groups and join them as your page and post within these too.

Why is social media so important?

The benefits of having an active social media account with good engagement is massive!

Simply being active on social media is huge step in the right direction. Being active indicates to your potential customers that your open and thriving. Having quality content can have a huge impact such as putting your name in front of potential customers that you wouldn’t have necessarily heard of you or simply forgotten you. 

Posting on your social media is also one the best ways in promoting certain offers you have. For example, if you’re quiet on a Tuesday and offer a certain discount, advertising it on your social media account can suddenly turn your quiet night into a busy one.

I started posting on our Facebook page but I became so busy I didn’t have the time to keep posting and when I did I ended up neglecting other aspects of the bar. By letting myAPPetite take over our socials it freed up my time dramatically. Since they’ve taken over their posts are not only fun but highlight our personality. “

Don’t worry, if you haven’t got a Facebook or Instagram page, we can set one up for you at no extra cost.