Caller ID

£34/month I £24/month
Improve your customer service by offering a more personal touch...

We know modern-day customers are in a rush and quality customer service can ultimatly determine if a customer returns or not. This is why our Caller ID package is essential in offering fast-paced, quality customer serive. 

Installing our easy-to-use Caller ID will instantly allow you to regonise customers that have called in before. When they call in a pop up will appear in your screen showing their name, address and contact details. This not only offers a personal touch but can eliminate errors as you already have all their correct details in front you and ultimatly, making it a quick, easy sale so you an focus on the next customer.

400 + Contacts: £34/month

– 400 Contacts: £24/month

*Please note this service requires a £129 set-up fee

” Knowing your customer details is essential. Customers call in and want to spend as little time as possible on the phone. More often than not, they’ll simply hang up without letting us know who or where to deliver it to. Caller ID has proven essential for not losing orders.”