As a growing business we’re always looking at ways to evolve and adapt to offer our customers a better experience using our products and services.

In the background, we’ve been tirelessly working on a new system that compliments how our customers get in touch with us and helps improve, and quickens, resolutions. 

While it may not seem different from how you currently raise a query now (Similarly if you currently email us your query, we’ll still receive it and if you WhatsApp us we’ll still receive it – there’ll just be a new number to WhatsApp). We’ve purposely tried to make it as seamless for you as possible, but the real difference is how we now handle your queries. 

Put simply, it’ll raise a ticket for us to act upon which will automatically open all your previous queries. This won’t affect our SLA’s and you’ll be responded to well within them.

What happens next? 

Over the next couple of months, while we roll this out, you’ll notice that we’ll start to slowly close down our WhatsApp Support Groups. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to WhatsApp us, just via a new Support Number (07842375283).

You don’t need to do anything; all we ask is if you save our new Support Number in your phone. 

How will this benefit you?

1.Quicker resolution time

Having our new automated customer portal allows us to have unrivalled access to all the information we’ll need to help us resolve your query ASAP at our fingertips. This information can be your recent / past issues, your login details to access your device or up-to-date information on any developer updates and how to rectify any recent / new problems. 

2. History of your previous issues

As mentioned above, having easy access to all of your previous issues / queries is a huge benefit for us. This allows us to monitor queries and lets us be much more proactive as we’ll have information to allow us to make informed decisions. This could be, for example, if we’ve seen you’ve had the same issue with your EPOS over the past couple of months, instead of fixing it, it may be more beneficial to replace the EPOS, before it happens again.

3. 24/7 knowledge support.

While our support ranges from 9am until 9pm, we understand that some queries within the hospitality industry can come late at night. This is why we’ve introduced bots that work 24/7 to try and help resolve your issue. Internal research has shown that 89% of support queries can be dealt with by following simple instructions, which our ‘Support Bots’ can help with during out of hours. Obviously, if not we’ll pick it up in the morning.

4. Increased knowledge base 

Similar to the above, we’ve found that the majority of our support queries can be dealt with following simple instructions. While we’re happy to help, it may be quicker for yourself to understand the query and rectify it simply. Therefore, we’ve increased our database – which is not only constantly maintained but also added to on a regular basis. You can access our knowledge base here:

5. More ways to contact us

Put simply we will now be accepting support queries from a whole range of avenues – including phone, email, web enquiry, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. It doesn’t matter how you contact us, all your information will be in our Customer Service CRM, giving us access to everything we need to resolve your query ASAP.

If you have any queries about the above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, by calling us on 01562 270009, or email us via