myAPPetite dramatically helps famous brewery throughout the pandemic

Based in the heart of the West Midlands, The Britannia Inn has always been known for their live music acts, friendly atmosphere, and of course, their quality brewed beer.

Having been a customer of myAPPetite for over a year, they were originally keen for someone to not only develop an app for deliveries mid-pandemic, but also to have the capability for their customers to order via their tables when they re-opened.

Operations Director, Jamie Turvey, met up with Dean Cartwright, the owner of The Britannia Inn to discuss the reasons why they partnered with myAPPetite.

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We’re thrilled to have chosen myAPPetite to produce our ordering app…

Dean stated: “Last year it was really tough within the hospitality industry with pubs not only closing but the tight restrictions when we were allowed to re-open. We had to do something and that’s where you came in. I remember when we were closed, we used our kitchens and made homemade stone baked pizzas for delivery. We’re thrilled to have chosen myAPPetite to produce our ordering app as it originally gave us that online presence we didn’t previously have. We knew our customers were desperate to order our pizzas and the app gave them that platform and it was a great success.”
Jamie said: “Yeah I remember drooling over those pizzas when we posted them for you on your social media channels.”

We would categorically not be trading to this level if we hadn’t embraced your technology…

Dean continued: “And then we got the green light to re-open from the Government, however, as you can probably remember, with heavy restrictions.”

Jamie replied: “Yeah, I mean that’s the great thing having the app already in place, you can enable the table ordering function. I remember we gave you QR codes to place on your tables so customers could easily order by scanning the QR code and the order syncs to your EPOS system.”

Dean said: “The introduction of table ordering to the pub did, and still has, made a dramatic difference. Especially back during the height of the pandemic. We would categorically not be trading to this level if we hadn’t embraced your technology.”

Jamie recalled: “I remember the sheer volume of orders was incredible. Just looking at the stats now, and this year so far you’ve had over 16,500 orders through the app.”

Dean stated: “Yeah, the table ordering functionality is easy-to-use and our customers have really embraced it, helping us increase our revenue and easing the pressure from our staff. I would highly recommend your online table ordering solution to anybody”

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The Britannia Inn is located at 18 Rowley Village, Rowley Regis, B65 9AT. You’ll always find a warm welcome, a range of local ales, as well as their hugely successful home-brewed beers.

There’s always something going on at the Brit too; ranging from open mic nights to big bands and various promotions.

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