Advertising Screens

£700 one off payment
Display your menu and promotions in clear HD

Are you engaging with your customers using digital signage?

The benefits of displaying your menu and promotions are huge!
Displaying your food or drink in clear HD is proven to help increase
sales, and market research shows that customers find digital menus an influence
when deciding to purchase a product.

Having TV screens displaying your products with your branding
always creates a professional environment and reinforces brand recognition.

All this is possible with a one-off payment of £700 and an ongoing  cost
of £10 a month which includes a change per month (whether that’s a promotion you want to push or a menu change). 

There’s a reason why the big brands always use digital advertising screens – they’re effective!

You can be a big brand on a small budget with our Advertising Screens package…

” Having our menus on digital boards above the counter really creates a professional environment, not to mention the ease of which our customers can see our menu on the big screen.