Corporate Coffee Shop

Case Study

The Challenge

A coffee shop based within a large business with 4,500 employees was lucky enough to hold a captive audience. However, its popularity meant shop staff struggled to keep up with the demand.

Customers were consequently unsatisfied with the long queues and, after waiting too long, often left without ordering. The challenge was to shorten wait times, so that staff could grab a convenient cup of caffeine, without spending the entire work break doing so.

The Solution

myAPPetite worked with the coffee shop to develop a digital solution to the problem. The company used myAPPetite's technology to launch a dedicated coffee ordering app, solving the problem of queues by sending customers push notifications when their order was ready to collect. Customers could now grab a coffee without waiting with the knowledge that it will be hot and ready for collection.

The Results

At the time of writing, one customer had used the app 363 times and 81% of users had placed more than one order. With nearly 20,000 transactions to date, each person using the app has placed an average of 32 orders, bringing in a revenue of £56,600. While some of those orders would have been placed without the app, many would have been lost to queuing fatigue.

Beyond order numbers, Preoday’s inbuilt data capture and analytics function has made it possible for the operator to collect and use customer data to help grow sales by tailoring its marketing to the individual; 60% of users have opted into marketing outreach by the shop.

There’s no doubt that mobile ordering has helped bring about higher customer satisfaction and more effective staff utilisation at the coffee shop. With fewer people queuing, even those customers that haven’t used the app are being served faster and walking away happier.

Mobile ordering keeps 81% of corporate coffee shop customers coming back for more



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